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Water pump repair and replacement

Your cars water pump is another crucial part to your vehicle. When your vehicle is running smoothly, it can sometimes slip our minds to have certain smaller part of your vehicle checked on. Your cars water pump is one of those parts. This auto part is vital, as it is responsible for continuously pumping coolant through your engine, keeping temperatures in running order. From parts like the serpentine belt to the crankshaft, the cars water pump is one of the most important parts in your vehicle. Come into Aliso Viejo Auto Repair today and have our technicians check on your water pump system today.

Radiator repair and replacement

The radiator is responsible for transferring heat from the hot coolant that flows through it to the air blown through it by the fan. It plays a huge role in keeping your vehicle running properly. When your radiator needs a repair, you may notice it is leaking coolant or your vehicle is overheating in normal driving conditions. These things are the tell tale signs that your radiator needs a repair or replacement. The technicians at Aliso Viejo Auto Repair are knowledgeable about all radiator related topics, and prepared to take care of any repairs you may need as well as replacements. We use the most reliable parts from reputable sources to get your vehicle back to factory condition. Come in today and have your radiator diagnosed.

Hose Repair

There are many connecting hoses on your vehicle. They connect certain parts of your vehicle to transfer liquids back and forth. When one of these hoses is cracked or compromised, it can cause very detrimental issues with your vehicle. At Aliso Viejo Auto Repair, we know the importance of hoses and the parts they are connecting. We use the best parts to replace these hoses, and will always do our best to repair them when necessary. Trusting the repairs and replacements for your vehicle to just anyone is never smart. Put your vehicle in the hands of the technicians at Aliso Viejo Auto Repair, and we will treat your family vehicle as our own.

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