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Differential Diagnostic & Repair

Finding what the exact issue is with your vehicle can sometimes come easy, but things aren’t always as they seem. Issues with your vehicle may be much deeper and more complicated than we can tell during the first inspection. For this reason, our trained technicians at Aliso Viejo Auto Repair do a complete diagnosis on the entirety of your vehicle. Finding out exactly what the issue with your vehicle is, and finding the best way to remedy it is always our main goal. Vehicles are complex with many parts and many maintenance needs. Let the experts at Aliso Viejo Auto Repair take care of your vehicle's needs, come see us today.

Drive shaft and U Joint Repair

The drive shaft is a mechanical rotating tube that transfers torque from a vehicle's transmission to the differential of a vehicle. The universal joint, or U joint, is a rigid joint that transfers power to the wheels of the vehicle. These parts both play a major role in the safety and functioning of your vehicle. Broken U joints, for example, can cause you to lose complete control of your vehicle. For these reasons, having them check out and repaired when need be is essential to the life of your vehicle. Our expert technicians at Aliso Viejo Auto Repair are trained to know exactly how to repair your drive shaft or u joint, and they do it with care. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.

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